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2GB Sony/Sandisk Memory Stick Micro

2GB Sony/Sandisk Memory Stick Micro


CMS Part #: SDMSM22048A10M
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2GB Sony/Sandisk Memory Stick Micro Product Description:

The Memory Stick Micro ÷ media from Sony/SanDisk gives you maximum storage for your compact digital camera, portable audio device, or PSP÷ Handheld Entertainment System. With the included adaptor, the memory stick can be used in most devices that use full-sized Memory Stick PRO÷ media, making it perfect for both your older devices and the latest electronics. This product can not be used with "Memory Stick PRO Duo" compatible devices. The recorded data may be lost or damaged when used with devices that are not compatible with this media.

2GB Sony/Sandisk Memory Stick Micro Features:

- Included adaptor allows compatibility with Memory Stick PRO÷ media enabled devices
- Backwards compatible with most devices that use Memory Stick PRO Duo÷ media
- Includes MagicGate÷ copywright protection technology

4GB Sony/Sandisk Memory Stick Micro Specifications:

Voltage: 1.8V-3.3V
Power Consumption (Parallel): 100 MA (Max.)
Power Consumption (Serial): 65 MA (Max.)
Minimum Write Speed: 15 Mbps
Dimensions: 0.05" Thickness x 0.49" Width x 0.59" Length
Operating Temperature: -25¶C - +85¶C (Non-condensing)
Included Accessories: M2 Adaptor (MSAC-MMS) Memory Stick PRO Adapter and Storage Case
Warranty: Limited lifetime

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Availability: Ready to Ship!
Regular price: $ 39.99Sale price: $ 16.95You Save: $ 23.04 (58%)

CMS Part #:SDMSM22048A10M