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Solid State Laptop Hard Drives
Interested in upgrading your laptop with a more reliable, faster hard drive? We have a large selection of Solid State hard drives compatible with all of today's popular laptop models.
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What is a Solid State Hard Drive?
Solid State means that there are No Moving Parts, all of the components are electronic instead of mechanical. Solid State Hard Drives are based on High performance Flash Memory that can withstand on an average a Shock of 1000Gs and operate at temperatures of -20°C to 80°C. Add a High Data Transfer, Low Power Consumption and Zero noise levels Solid State Drive makes a perfect replacement for a conventional mechanized hard drive.
Solid State Hard Drives are a perfect solution for industrial equipment where physical demands of the environment may harm mechanics of old fashion hard drives and destroy data. Solid State Drives provide excellent reliability for Scientific and Medical equipment. Home and Office users can greatly benefit from outstanding performance that Solid State provides, with out the need for mechanics to search for data across multiple disks, all data is instantly available.
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8GB QMemory Flash Laptop Hard Drive
8GB QMemory Flash Laptop Hard Drive
Regular Price: $ 499.99
Sale Price: $ 399.95
4GB QMemory Flash Laptop Hard Drive
4GB QMemory Flash Laptop Hard Drive
Regular Price: $ 319.99
Sale Price: $ 249.95