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Laptop Hard Drives

Interested in upgrading your laptop with a higher capacity, faster laptop hard drive? We have a large selection of hard drives compatible with all of today's popular laptop models.
Please select the type of Laptop Hard Drive you need below to upgrade your computer.

Wholesale/Bulk Purchase Inquiry?

If you are interested in a wholesale/bulk purchase of laptop hard drives, contact our dealer representatives using our Inquiry Form

What type of laptop hard drive do you need?

After you select the type of hard drive you are upgrading from the list below, you will be able to select from various hard drive sizes. The size of hard drive that you need depends on your own preferences and needs. If you plan on storing large files, we recommend our larger GB models. The faster RPM models improve system performance. If you are unsure what type of hard drive is right for your laptop, please click here to contact sales.

What is IDE/ATA?

This drive type used most in consumer grade computers (commonly called an IDE drive). The ATA standard dates back to 1986 and is based on a 16-bit parallel interface which has undergone many evolutions since its introduction to increase the speed and size of the drives that it can support. The latest standard is ATA-7 which supports data transfer rates up to 133MB/sec. This is expected to be the last update for the parallel ATA standard.

What is SATA?

Serial ATA is the next -generation internal storage interconnect, designed to replace parallel ATA technology. Serial ATA is the proactive evolution of the ATA interface from a parallel bus to a serial bus architecture. This architecture overcomes the electrical constraints that are increasing the difficulty of continued speed enhancements for the classic parallel ATA bus. Serial ATA will be introduced at 150Mbytes/sec, with a roadmap already planned to 600Mbytes/sec, supporting up to 10 years of storage evolution based on historical trends. Though Serial ATA will not be able to directly interface with legacy Ultra ATA hardware, it is fully compliant with the ATA protocol and thus is software compatible. Users of the Serial ATA interface benefit from greater speed, simpler upgradeable storage devices and easier configuration.
*SATA Hard Drives are compatible only with SATA enabled systems.

What is Solid State?

Solid State means that there are No Moving Parts, all of the components are electronic instead of mechanical. Solid State Hard Drives are based on High performance Flash Memory that can withstand on an average a Shock of 1000Gs and operate at temperatures of -20°C to 80°C. Add a High Data Transfer, Low Power Consumption and Zero noise levels Solid State Drive makes a perfect replacement for a conventional mechanized hard drive.