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SATA - For Desktops, Laptops, & Compact Devices (Consumer & Industrial)

A Solid State Drive (SSD) is a flash-based drive that uses solid-state memory to store data. An SSD functions like a normal hard disk but has many benefits over traditional HDDs.

Solid State Drives Have Many Advantages

With no moving parts, SSDs greatly reduce seek time, latency and other electro-mechanical delays and failures associated with normal hard drives. They are also ideally suited for mobile and rugged applications because they are far more resilient to vibration, shaking, drops, and other forces that commonly corrupt traditional HDDs.

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Industrial Grade SATA SSD

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If your SSD will be subjected to extreme environmental conditions (high temperatures, abnormal pressures, increased vibration, etc.) we recommend you purchase an industrial grade Solid State Drive. These drives are built to function properly in an extended range of conditions.

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